The Yoga Den is tucked away at the end of my garden and surrounded by tall trees, wind chimes can be heard and the birds singing. The studio is filled each week with a wonderful community of like-minded people of all ages and gender. All who come to practise work toward the same goal to live in a body that feels good free from aches and pains, a mind that is calm free of tension able to cope with life's challenges and to feel whole and complete. You enter The Yoga Den by the side gate (at class times only) The Den's interior is designed to reflect nature through colours and the materials used. It is very relaxing and tranquil with a feeling of being far away from the stresses of the outside world. A beautiful serene place to practise Hatha Yoga.

The Den is fully insulated and heated (when required), it has enough space for 10 people to practise comfortably giving an intimate feel to the studio. With classes being small I can assist with posture adjustments, if students wish.

Environmentally friendly mats are in the Studio (please feel free to bring your own mat if you wish). Zafu meditation cushions and blankets all here for your comfort - all kept immaculately clean. Please bring a bottle of water with you.

Come to The Yoga Den and experience peacefulness and all the healing benefits this remarkable ancient practice has to offer - you will leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.   I hope to inspire you to practice the ancient art of Yoga ... Welcome to The Yoga Den.