Part of the path of Yoga is about respecting others and our environment, learning to have compassion for all beings, please follow these simple steps.

Honouring Yourself

  • Please leave a space of 2 hours before eating a heavy meal before you practise, or 1 hour for a light meal. A light snack like a banana is fine 30/60mins before
  • Yoga is a barefoot practise bring socks for relaxation
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing
  • Practise without competing with yourself or others.
  • Don't judge yourself, be gentle on yourself
  • Breathe slowly and smoothly throughout the class
  • Stop and rest when needed
  • If you have a chronic or acute illness or injury please seek medical advice before practising Yoga
  • Yoga is often used as a therapy alongside traditional medicine, Yoga must not be used as a replacement for medication

Honouring Others

  • Please switch off mobile phones
  • Save social conversations for before or after the class
  • Please come fresh and clean
  • Please arrive promptly and quietly

Honouring Your Studio

  • Please when arriving remove outdoor shoes at the door, no shoes on the studio floor at any time
  • Please do not wear strong perfume
  • Please respect that the class starts on time, when the curtains are closed it is too late to enter.

Honouring Your Teachers

  • All Yoga teachers are also yoga practitioners, they also have their own teachers
  • It is an ongoing training, most teachers devote their whole lives to learning and sharing the wisdom of the teachings of this ancient practise.
  • Yoga is evolving there is no right or wrong way to practise. There is safe and unsafe, if a teacher comes to gently assist you into a different position, it's not too make you look better in the pose but to make you more comfortable and maybe to stop you from injuring yourself.
  • I humbly bow to to all my teachers past present and future. Namaste.

Honouring The Practice

Smile... fall in love with yoga, live your yoga, let go and enjoy!