The Yoga Den Privacy Policy

The Yoga Den is committed to ensuring that any data provided by you is used only in a way that you would like. I will be fully compliant with all legal requirements relating to this.

Sometimes its necessary for me to collect information about you.

The privacy policy explains how the following -

  • What data I collect from you
  • How I use the data
  • When I will use your details to contact you
  • Your choice regarding the data you have shared with me

I am committed to safeguarding your personal data and legally obliged to use your data in line with General Data Regulators 2018 (GDPR)

1. What data will The Yoga Den collect from me?

Before you participate in a class you will need to fill in a health form. Questions regarding health, age, medical conditions and wellbeing will be asked. This would be classified as sensitive personal data and is treated as such in line with the GDPR. 

You may wish to keep updated for workshops and general updates.  Then you name, email address and telephone number will be required. 

2. How does The Yoga Den use the data collected from me?

Health form data is collected for me to assess whether you are suitable to participate in the class and to make any adjustments as necessary. This is not shared with any third parties and is protected with two-step verification. Only Vivien Row has access to this information and the only way this data would be shared with a third party is by court order under UK law.

Students who have subscribed to The Yoga Den newsletter receive ad-hoc updates from The Yoga Den. This is a list of email addresses and names of students who have opted-in to receiving these updates.

Booking system - To process bookings The Yoga Den utilises a third party service called Bookwhen. Read their privacy policy here

Payment processor - To process payments relating to bookings The Yoga Den utilises a third party service called Stripe. Read their privacy policy here

3. When will The Yoga Den contact me?

  • When you have opted to receive email updates for workshops or inspirations.
  • To inform you of any change to class times or cancellation of classes.
  • To assist you further should you require it.

4. How long will The Yoga Den keep my personal Info?

  • Health forms are kept for 7 years, on advice from my insurance company
  • Your name, email address & telephone number will be discarded when you unsubscribe.

5. Can I find out what information The Yoga Den holds about me?

Under the GDPR you have the right to ask for a copy of the personal information the studio holds about you. You also have the right to ask for any inaccuracies to be corrected. Please email me to make this request.