Hatha Yoga

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday | £10 per class

Wallington Hatha Yoga
This class is open to all levels, including complete beginners (Age 16 years and over).

Yoga is non competitive, the classes are taught with this in mind. When practising postures all students are encouraged to practice what is accessible to them at that moment in time– our body is continually changing and every day we feel different.

The class starts with breath awareness concentration, then moving on to include warm up routines which vary from week to week, we then continue with asana practice. We invert the body against gravity, working towards shoulder or headstand. Different postures are practiced stretching and strengthening the spine. Different Pranayama breathing exercises are practised, some energizing some calming. We finish the class with yoga nidra/deep relaxation.

Beginners and more experienced students all work together to bring about a state of harmony and well-being to body and mind. Enjoy!