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A Secret Sanctuary Away From the Stresses of the Outside World

One of Wallington’s best-kept secrets, The Yoga Den is tucked away at the end of my garden, surrounded by tall trees. 

Entering through the side gate, you’ll discover a sanctuary from the outside world, a dedicated yoga studio that’s always peaceful and calm, blessed by the sound of soothing wind chimes and singing birds.

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A serene and tranquil space

The studio was built on a lifetime of love - my father proudly laying the foundations with his own bare hands, in his eighties. The result is a beautiful space with a pitched bamboo ceiling – just like a yoga studio in Bali or Thailand (though we do have walls!) 

It’s very relaxing and tranquil, using the calming colours of nature; a warm and welcoming place in which to leave behind the noise of the outside world and find the peace of the inner world.

The Yoga Den Students Wallington

A community of like-minded people

Every week I watch the studio fill with a wonderful community of like-minded men and women, of all ages, shapes and sizes. 

Despite these external differences, I know that everyone who comes to the Yoga Den wants the same thing - to find an easier state of being. It’s my intention that all of my students leave the yoga studio feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, with a body that’s free from aches and pains and a mind that’s free of tension – to walk tall, able to cope with life's challenges, happy in themselves.

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Personal attention

The Yoga Den has an intimate feel, with enough space for ten people to practice comfortably. Small classes enable me to assist you individually, answer your questions and give posture adjustments (assuming you’re happy for me to do so).

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Practice in comfort

The studio is always immaculately clean and warm, fully insulated and heated when needed. I teach a variety of styles – from Hatha Yoga to Pregnancy Yoga to Restorative Yoga – so I have everything you need to practice in comfort; from eco-friendly yoga mats and Zafu meditation cushions to bolsters and cosy blankets.  

I hope that I will inspire you to practice the ancient art of yoga and receive all of the healing benefits this remarkable practice has to offer our modern lives.

Vivien Row