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Cost £200

The group is small so booking early is advised.

Number of people on the course - Minimum of 6 Maximum 10.

The average persons mind is filled with countless thoughts, and therefore each individual one is extremely weak. When, in place of these many useless thoughts there appears only one, it is power in itself and has a wide influence
— Rama Maharishi

Meditation is an experience of inner peace that needs to be experienced to be understood. It is an experience of oneness, happiness and bliss. Yogis say that it is an experience of your own true nature. Meditation is an ancient practise in the modern day world, it is tried and tested and today is practised by millions of people throughout the world as a way of living in peace and harmony. Meditation is not a religion. Meditation is a natural peaceful state, practised on a daily basis it brings many positive changes into your daily life.

The world that we find ourselves living in is very competitive, fast and frantic, this can leave us with feelings of not being good enough, feeling overwhelmed and disconnected. We are overloaded with technology, the mind never truly rested, can leave us in a spin, running around in never ending circles, affecting our sleep patterns, our concentration levels and we lose our natural ability to relax. Often we find we are not reacting to circumstances in the best possible way, we tend to get carried along by our emotions and past conditioning, meditation can help change this. As we become present our minds not in a spin we find there is this moment where we can decide how to react to situations in the most appropriate way. Meditation makes more space for positive thoughts, feelings of happiness return for no reason and optimism about the future.

In Raja yoga meditation we learn first learnt to withdraw mental energy from the senses (pratyahara), this prepares the mind for meditation,then we concentrate the mind on a given object (Dharana) i.e. breath, visualisation, mantra etc the thought process naturally slows down leading you to experience meditation (Dhyana) - a feeling of peace, happiness and bliss. The effects of meditation are cumeratalive, also the more you practise the easier it becomes to slip into the relaxed but alert state, more benefits continue to unfold in your everyday life.

Based on the Raja Yoga system this course you will learn many different techniques that will lead to a state of meditation:

  • You will learn to understand the nature and function of your own mind

  • Breathing exercises to help calm the mind

  • We will study the effects lifestyle and diet has on the mind

  • Different meditations each week

  • Group discussions

  • Group meditation practise

  • Introduction to Patanjali's Yoga Sutras (wisdom for peaceful living)

The 10 week course we meet every week for 90mins on Saturday or Sunday, late morning. A requirement for this course is a daily home practise of 20/30 mins meditation. Another requirement is to fill in a diary every day, this will be sent to you by email every Saturday, when completed at the end of each week sent back to me by email.  This course will give you all the tools to help alleviate the stresses and strains of living in a competitive society, the tools for self transformation and all that you need for a sustainable home meditation practise.

You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.
— Old Zen Saying

Benefits of Practising Meditation

  • Reduced levels of anxiety and stress

  • Relief from many stress-related illnesses

  • Increased intuition and empathy

  • Enhanced feelings of love, joy, patience and compassion

  • Your mind becomes more focused, it is easier to concentrate

  • You find you have greater energy and stamina

  • You need less sleep, yet feel more rested

  • Body chemicals that promote healing are released into your system

  • Feelings of loneliness,disconnection and isolation are eliminated

  • Depression is dispelled ( this does not refer to clinical depression)

  • Meditation promotes inner resilience, creativity and mental flexibility

  • You gain insight into the nature of your mind and how to deal with it

  • You experience an inner peace so deep that external circumstances rarely disturb it. Your capacity to be grounded in all conditions is enhanced

  • You are more able to live in the present moment, without longing for the past or worrying about the future

  • Life assumes a greater spiritual dimension

  • You will have a greater a greater capacity to go beyond physical and mental pain.

  • The capacity to experience the inter-connectedness to all life

  • More clarity in daily life

  • Able to access a profound inner stillness

  • Overcome the noise of your busy mind

  • Meditation assists you to go more deeply into the asana side of yoga practise

  • Doubts and insecurities are dispelled

  • Indecisiveness vanishes

Don't just take our word for it...

Learning to meditate was something I had wanted to do for a number of years, but it wasn’t until earlier this year that I did anything about it when I joined Viv’s Meditation Course. I’m very glad that I did. It has been one of the most beneficial and worthwhile things that I have ever done. There couldn’t be a better place to practice meditation (or yoga) than the Yoga Den – it is warm, peaceful and welcoming, and Viv is a brilliant teacher. At each weekly class we were skilfully guided through a different stage of meditation. I not only enjoyed practicing mediation but also loved listening to Viv’s teaching of the ethical guidelines. I think it’s important to give a certain amount of commitment to this course. I didn’t mind because I was doing something for myself, and , after ten weeks I can say that it has helped me far more than the three year’s counselling I received a few years earlier. I have learnt a lot about myself and now have a clearer perspective of life, but most of all I have discovered the joy of inner peace and I look forward to continuing with this.
— Janice, Wallington

I first got interested in meditation when I went to a “dialogue” between Laurence Freeman, (a Benedictine monk who is the head of the World Christian Community for Meditation) and a Buddhist monk. I was intrigued. I felt it was something worth pursuing so I emailed Laurence Freeman and his answer was just begin, and keep on beginning but I felt lost without instruction. Then I met Viv at a Yoga Nidra class, she said she was about to embark on a training course to Teach Meditation and later she would be leading ‘Learn to Meditate’ courses at The Yoga Den. I was so glad I took this course – it was just what I had been searching for. The most surprising and valuable thing about this course was the ethical teaching – something so sadly lacking in today’s selfish society. Viv’s teaching was clear and non-judgmental and authentic: it was clear she herself has lived through the issues that came up. Everyone should learn to meditate. It is of enormous value as a discipline and would benefit society so much. Thank you Viv.
— Susan L, Wallington

I signed up for Viv’s Meditation class as I was leading a busy life and trying to juggle work, home and all life’s ups and downs and needed something to focus me. From the first class I could see that this course was about trying to make sense of your life and showing you how to use meditation to calm you down and to find inner peace. Having now completed the course I find myself a much calmer person and able to face my days with more energy and focus than I used to. I know if things are getting tough I have the wise words and exercises Viv teaches in the course to help me through – which is great. I am looking forward to carrying on with my practice.
— Alison, Wallington

When i signed up for the meditation course I wasnt really sure what to expect but I just knew it was the right thing to be doing .It has been the most amazing experience and the start of a journey of self discovery.
— Joan H, Wallington

Having spent my entire life keeping busy and active, dealing with a series of losses by just carrying on regardless and leaving myself and my own well being at the bottom of my to do list. A combination of feeling like I was on a roller coaster and a treadmill, something had to give. I wanted to feel that I could slow down and find a place of calm and peace, at any time in my life. I wanted to have a choice about how to think, feel and react, rather than being at the mercy of my own and other people’s demands and emotions. The meditation course, although initially and sometimes still hard work, has provided me with big changes in how I react, how content I feel and how I deal with those around me. The benefits really are too many to list. Amongst the many benefits are; increased focus, concentration and efficiency and sounder sleep. This creates more time in your day, so the handy excuse of not having time to meditate soon disappears! Viv provides a safe, supportive and non- judgemental environment to learn to practice in. Her knowledge base is vast. The course is structured and if you commit to it, there are real opportunities for personal growth that you may not even anticipate. Above all, it really is enjoyable.
— L Sweetman, Carshalton

After many years of wanting to do meditation I finally got the opportunity to do so with Viv. The universe knew I had to wait for Viv to do her meditation training. The most dramatic effect I have found, is that I am much, much calmer and have more energy. Viv explains everything very clearly and is always willing to answer all questions. Very much looking forward to carrying on learning meditation with Viv to experience all the wonderful things meditation offers.
— SN, Wallington

Sometimes busy lives cause us to forget that we have to be strong and grounded to cope with the daily duties and responsibilities of others. We need to nurture ourselves, otherwise our journey through this life becomes fragmented and our energy levels suffer. Viv’s meditation guidance has enabled me to feel more connected to the peace and essence of that quiet space within, which is so hard to find in a world where there is continuous distraction and noise.
— Jan T, Wallington

Meditation like yoga is one of those things where you don’t realise just how much you’ll benefit until you actually give it a try. As with so many of us in this challenging world I find the pace and pressures of life can often leave me tired and unable to handle situations as I would like to. Meditation has given me a sense of perspective I didn’t have before, it’s increased my awareness of myself and what’s important to me. Viv is a fantastic teacher who guides you through the practise and encourages you to accept your own pace and embrace it, you never feel out of your depth or unable to participate. I look forward to my next meditation course at the Yoga Den.
— Emma P, Wallington

I have recently completed Viv’s ten week ‘learn to meditate’ course and I absolutely loved it! I signed up for it as I sometimes become overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, plus I have also been interested in yoga and meditation for a number of years. I wish I had done it sooner! The course has been life changing for me. I now feel more relaxed, positive and more confident as a person. I feel better than I have done in years! Viv is a brilliant teacher, a wonderful person and the yogaden is the perfect place to practice in. I would happily do the course again and would recommend it to anyone who would like to change their life for the better. Thank you!
— Emily, Wallington

I have just completed the 10 weeks meditation course at the yoga den and can say it’s been an amazing and life changing experience. I’d been suffering with crohn/colitis for 7 years been in and out of hospital with no sign of it ever getting better, In April this year I was admitted to hospital with a sever flare up, was in intensive care, high dose of steroids and having blood transfusion. I left hospital having to take 36 tablets day/evening with nothing really helping or settling my condition. I had started yoga at the yoga den to help gain a sense of well being it’s such a peaceful place and had seen the meditation class and thought I’d try it to help with stress and anxieties with general life/work stress (I never imagined it would have the effect it did) Before the course began I had started a new medication what I was told would be my last, if this didn’t work then surgery would probably be the best option. I was having side affects from the medication but during the first week of the course had already notice I was managing and not letting the crohn/colitis rule me. A week later I had to be taken off all my medication due to the side affects and had to have a break, but this would probably mean re admission as the chance of a flare up was high. Amazingly during week2/3 of the course with no medication I had nothing: no flare up no cramps, pain or discomfort something I hadn’t experienced in 7years. During the course this continued leaving my nurse and consultant amazed and for the first time in years no weekly hospital appointments and being told I didn’t need to come back for four months. I was feeling so so happy that I finally had my illness under control. This course has absolutely changed my life and would highly recommend Viv is so welcoming, an amazing inspiring teacher with so much support and guidance :)
— Dawn, Wallington

I arrived at The Yoga Den at the end of year when I felt my whole life had fallen apart. One of the hardest things I have done, was to book on the Breath, Meditate and relax class, but after only one session I felt different and booked on the meditaion course as soon as I could. I counted down the weeks until it started, I was scared, my family while being supportive where sceptical, I was concerned that I was putting too much dependence on the course. I need not have worried. The group were very friendly, and it was amazing how we all supported and respected each other from day one. Not everything is easy, you have to be prepared to work hard and be committed to the course., but it really is worth it and Viv is there every step of the way with support and encouragement.

I can only speak from experience, but this course has changed my life, I look and feel different, and my family and friends have noticed this too. I am so much more relaxed, positive and able to cope with things that I know I could not do only a few months ago. I know this is only the start of my journey, but what a trip it has been so far. Thank you so much Viv.
— Trudi, Surrey

I started practising yoga about 8 or 9 months ago, when I found stress and anxiety were becoming a problem for me. After a few months, I heard about Viv’s meditation course and it seemed like the right thing to do. I started the course with an open mind, but was slightly daunted at the prospect of practicing daily. At first this was not easy, but I soon found that I was able to get in a routine. It wasn’t long before I was looking forward to my time on the meditation cushion each day. The weekly sessions were great, and it was good to be able to share the experiences with others.

Although I still get anxious, I feel more able to cope with this, and have a more positive attitude. I am looking forward to continuing and developing my practice.

The Yoga Den has such a lovely atmosphere, and I will definitely be back for yoga and meditation sessions.
— Angela, Carshalton

I had been interested in learning how meditate for a while but never made headway to start until the opportunity arose with Viv’s course, and what a fantastic course it was. It’s well thought out and gradually takes you on a journey of self-discovery and inner peace, with the initial self-discipline and commitment required the benefits soon emerge. The course makes you think about how you respond to others and how you feel about yourself and takes you back to the basics what is really important in life. As result I feel a more positive, happier and peaceful person, it’s amazing how giving yourself a little time each day can have such wide reaching benefits. Viv is a great teacher, always encouraging and knowledgeable, gently guiding, and the Yogaden is such a tranquil space, I would highly recommend her meditation course. Thank you Viv for enlightening me.
— Jenny, Wallington

I signed up for Viv’s ‘Learn to Meditate’ course after attending a few of her ‘breath relax and meditate’ classes on a Wednesday. I have suffered with severe anxiety for a few years and was suffering with the symptoms on a daily basis. I was desperate to seek ways to feel better - two blocks of CBT had not worked for me. Nothing could have prepared me for just how much of an impact starting this journey has had on my life. First and foremost I truly understand how and why I felt so anxious and feel like I have control over my own mind again. I think differently – more rationally, calmly and positively. I am aware of how I am walking/eating/talking etc.

Before embarking on this journey I had expectations of the course that by the end of it I would be sinking deep into meditation floating on a cloud – what actually happened was more than I could have asked for. I am able to sit calmly everyday, I have a positive attitude, I am confident and I feel in control of my life again. I can’t thank Viv enough for her support and guidance.
— Hannah, Sutton