Meditation and Me


I first became interested in meditation when I was training to become a yoga teacher, with my teacher Saraswati. I was going through a difficult period of my life at the time, I found that just to sit for a while and practice Dharana (concentration on the breath, mantra or visualisation ) I would find my mind slowing down and a wonderful calm feeling spreading through me. Concentration leads to meditation, a place of peace, stillness and bliss. When I finished my Yoga teacher training I started to teach one2one sessions of meditation and relaxation. The results were startling, if you are open to change meditation can literally transform your life.

I wanted to further my understanding about meditation, so I started my research to find a more intense teacher training with a highly respected teacher. I looked for many months listening to my inner voice, you know when you find the right person. There is a saying in yoga "when the student is ready the teacher appears"

I went to the OM Yoga Show in 2012, the show can be seen as very commercialised everyone of course trying to sell you anything from incense, to a pair of yoga pants to a yoga teacher training.... It's wonderful all things yoga!  Here unbeknown to me I was to meet my new teacher Swami Saradananda. I looked at some of her books she has written and her "teach meditation course" for yoga teachers. She had an immediate effect on me. I was struck by the calmness and energy that surrounds her she was very unassuming, she answered all of my questions leaving me to make my own decision. She gave me leaflet about the course and I continued on my way around the huge show.

After looking at Swami Saradananda's website I booked the course and embarked upon a journey into meditation. Swami Saradananda is a great teacher, generous, light, funny and she shares stories with you as she teaches that are applicable to what she is explaining. They jumped into my mind every time staying there never to be forgotten. This is a very special gift she has. I shall continue to take further trainings with Swami Saradanada I give thanks to her for all of her wisdom and knowledge.

What my 30 minute a day mediation has bought to me - I have been learning to let go of negative behaviour patterns from past conditioning, enabling me to grow into who I really am. I need less sleep due to the mind more at rest, I wake up completely alert. I feel my memory has improved. I have bursts of creativity on waking, fresh ideas and I am able to bring them to life. The osteoarthritis pain in my knees has lessened.

I am now ready to share the wisdom of her teaching with my "Learn to Meditate Course"

The first course will start 13th June on Thursday evenings 18:15 - 19:15

Then in September on Saturdays 12:00 - 13:00 (date to be decided).


[image source_type="attachment_id" source_value="585" align="left" width="400" height="300" quality="100"]A senior-most student of Swami Vishnu-devananda, Swami Saradananda worked with the Sivananda Yoga Centres for almost thirty years. She served as director  and main teacher of their facilities in New York, London (Putney) and Delhi. Now based in London, Swami Saradanandais a “free-lance yogi” who teaches world-wide and leads pilgrimages to India. - Flying Mountain Yoga

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