This deeply relaxing class for the mind/body it is ideal if you are suffering from the effects of stress, anxiety, panic attacks, if you have heart problems, stress related stomach problems or maybe you just a would like to learn how to relax more easily. Living life in the 21st century can be very stressful, leaving us with a mind that is constantly jumping from one thing to another, this can leave us feeling very anxious, and isolated leading to feelings of unhappiness. Stress can cause us to lay awake at night not being able to sleep, it can bring on health problems and make existing health problems much worse. We can't take away these stresses but we can learn how not to be so affected by them.

There is no need to be physically fit for this class, only gentle neck and shoulder exercises are given, similar to what you would be taught by a physiotherapist. You need to be able to sit and lie down on the floor, ( if this is difficult for you pleases email me I can provide a chair ) cushions mats and blankets all provided.

In this class we learn tools to help us cope more easily with life's ups and downs.

We practise

  • Pranayama - breathing exercises to calm the mind and our emotions
  • Gentle neck & shoulder exercises - to release physical tension from the body
  • Meditation - with practise helping us to switch off more easily
  • Yoga Nidra/ Deep relaxation - Deep healing rest , for our mind, emotions, and physical body.

Come along to this deeply relaxing class and leave feeling more relaxed, residing in the present moment.