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New Students



The Yoga Den Specific Questions

Do I need to book?

Yes - due to the class popularity a new booking system has been implemented available here.

Where is the entrance?

To get to the Studio be sure to enter via the side gate where there is a sign attached to the gate clearly labelled stating the entrance.

Do I need to bring a Yoga mat?

If you have a mat you are comfortable with, please feel free to bring it with you. However there are 6mm thick (for comfort) environmentally friendly mats in The Yoga Den, all of which are cleaned down after every session.

Where can I park?

There are no parking restrictions in the area surrounding The Yoga Den, however please be courteous of neighbours driveways.

General Yoga Questions

Do I need to do anything special in preparation for a Yoga class?

Make sure you haven't eaten for 2 hours-light meal/3 hours heavy meal. Please Inform the teacher if you are pregnant. Yoga is practiced barefoot, bring socks for relaxation. Wear loose comfortable clothing, remove any jewellery that may be uncomfortable. Work with your spirit and not your ego, Yoga is non competitive. Try to come 5 mins early if possible, mobile phones on silent mode or off please.

What is Yoga?

Yoga has been described as an art form, a science and a philosophy that teaches us many ways to reach self realisation. It is very healing and powerful, much like the way water gradually can change the shape of a rock or cliff, Yoga gently changes our state from negative or unwell to positive and vibrant. Most people think of Yoga as a system to keep fit, which indeed it is, but it is so much more than that. Read more about Yoga here.

What is Yoga good for?

Aiding restful sleep Reducing stress levels Helping to slow down the ageing process Increasing flexibility Boosting immune system Releasing physical and mental tensions Weight management Toning muscles and strengthens joints Lowering high blood pressure Reducing cholesterol levels Improving digestion and elimination Breathing problems eg asthma Posture awareness Confidence building ...and many more

How many times a week should I practise?

Once or twice a week would be a good way to start your practice of Yoga. Practising "The Cat Routine" for 10 minutes at home if time is difficult, to keep your spine healthy and strong. Many people come frequently, others come once in a while, its really up to you. The more you practise the more you gain the many remarkable benefits Yoga has to offer.

Is Yoga a Religion?

No, Yoga is not a religion. Yoga can be and is practised throughout the world by people of any faith or background.

What does Namaste mean?

The joining of hands together in Anjali Mudra (Prayer position) represents peace and respect. The act of pressing the palms together symbolises a strong and sincere heart, one palm meeting another symbolises that there is no space between us, we are all one energy. It says I salute the spirit within you, we are of the same universe. The Teacher initiates namaste as a symbol of gratitude and respect towards her student and her Teachers.

What does Om mean?

OM is a mantra traditionally chanted at the start / end of a Yoga session, it is the primordial sound of all sounds in the universe. Nothing is ever solid or still. Everything that exists pulsates, creating a rhythmic vibration that the ancient Yogis acknowledged this as the sound Om ; the sound of the universe. It also represents what lies beyond the past, the present and the future. Chanting the elongated version AUM, send a rhythmic vibration through the body, filling the mind with peace.

Studio Etiquette


Part of the path of Yoga is about respecting others and our environment, learning to have compassion for all beings, please follow these simple steps.

Honouring Yourself

  • Please leave a space of 2 hours before eating a heavy meal before you practise, or 1 hour for a light meal. A light snack like a banana is fine 30/60mins before
  • Yoga is a barefoot practise bring socks for relaxation
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing
  • Practise without competing with yourself or others.
  • Don't judge yourself, be gentle on yourself
  • Breathe slowly and smoothly throughout the class
  • Stop and rest when needed
  • If you have a chronic or acute illness or injury please seek medical advice before practising Yoga
  • Yoga is often used as a therapy alongside traditional medicine, Yoga must not be used as a replacement for medication

Honouring Others

  • Please switch off mobile phones
  • Save social conversations for before or after the class
  • Please come fresh and clean
  • Please arrive promptly and quietly

Honouring Your Studio

  • Please when arriving remove outdoor shoes at the door, no shoes on the studio floor at any time
  • Please do not wear strong perfume
  • Please respect that the class starts on time, when the curtains are closed it is too late to enter.

Honouring Your Teachers

  • All Yoga teachers are also yoga practitioners, they also have their own teachers
  • It is an ongoing training, most teachers devote their whole lives to learning and sharing the wisdom of the teachings of this ancient practise.
  • Yoga is evolving there is no right or wrong way to practise. There is safe and unsafe, if a teacher comes to gently assist you into a different position, it's not too make you look better in the pose but to make you more comfortable and maybe to stop you from injuring yourself.
  • I humbly bow to to all my teachers past present and future. Namaste.

Honouring The Practice

Smile... fall in love with yoga, live your yoga, let go and enjoy!