Being an expectant Mum is such a special time; having a baby growing inside of you is so wonderful and more amazing than any modern technology. This can also be a time of understandable anxiety. Practising Yoga from about 12 weeks right through your pregnancy can help on so many levels. Hatha Yoga releases tension from the mind and body. Being in a calm, supportive environment with other Mums going through the same experiences as you can make a big difference.

Practising Yoga every week where possible throughout your pregnancy will help on many levels, expectant Mums report that they make a wonderful connection with their unborn baby and a very high percentage manage to have a natural relaxed birthing experience. You will learn the ability to be able to relax , which is so useful for the early stages of Motherhood. you may make long lasting friendship with the others pregnant Mums. Many tell me they still remain friends with who they were in the class with over a year after giving birth, they have new friends and the babies grow up as friends also!

Pranayama (breathing exercises) will send more oxygen through you entire system nourishing you and baby, they will help you to feel very relaxed and calm and will help you with the hormonal changes going on and a marvellous tool for you when go through the stages of labour and the birth itself. Learning to breathe fully and making an internal connection to your breath/energy will help with your labour... you literally breathe your baby into the world. Practising “Bharami” humming bee breath is very soothing and baby feels the vibration too!

Yoga Asanas (postures) help to ease back ache, keep your energy levels flowing freely, improves sleep, keeps your muscles toned and supple...helping with getting your figure back after the birth, Yoga helps you with posture awareness as the lumber curve increases as baby gets bigger, “Viparita Karani” (legs up the wall with cushion under hips) gives your legs and back a wonderful rest from the extra weight you will be carrying with baby and is good for venous return. We also practise pelvic floor exercises to prevent stress urinary incontinence.

Yoga Nidra (relaxation) at the end of each session we spend 10/15 mins practising progressive relaxation, it is a truly profound way to relax. This is so beneficial for Mum and baby, life is so busy and stressful its important especially for expectant Mums to practice Yoga Nidra, you will feel relaxed like you have never felt before. It has been described by many as "feeling tension melting away from your body".

Come along to pregnancy Yoga, keep flexible, strong and healthy through your pregnancy. The classes will help not just with pregnancy but with the birth, your recovery and Motherhood itself!


At about 17 weeks into my pregnancy, I started looking for pregnancy exercise groups, and settled on attending yoga classes at The Yoga Den. What a fantastic decision! I really valued the time spent with other pregnant women, the time spent with my baby, and time spent focussing on my own well-being. The breathing techniques we learnt were a brilliant tool for managing labour, and I was delighted to find I only needed gas and air for the last few hours of a looooong labour, and then nothing for “The Big Push.” I credit this largely to Viv’s excellent teaching. Five months later, I still find the relaxation invaluable; as I am back at work full time, I use visualisations to unwind at the end of the day, the relaxations are just the ticket to help me let go of the stresses of my job, and the gentle stretches are perfect for easing out tired shoulders. Along with all the short-term benefits, the pregnancy classes have given me some wonderful memories of the time I spent with my unborn baby, and as he grows I will enjoy thinking back on that special time.
— Liz, Wallington

I started to attend the Yoga Den pregnancy yoga classes at week 26 and am so pleased I found Viv. As a Mum already the classes were the only me and baby to be time and gave me time to focus on my growing baby, as well as my own well being. The techniques I learnt were very useful throughout the pregnancy - such as stretches to make more room for the baby and relaxing my back and neck. Viv taught us to manage the discomfort of early stage contractions and the breathing techniques taught for once the contractions kicked in were invaluable. Being taught to lengthen breathes out and focus was all that I had in my birthing tool box for the last hour. These were particularly important as was so uncomfortable due to being told I had to sit throughout as connected to a monitor and drip! Would really recommend the classes which are very relaxed and cater for the inflexible, such as myself, as well as ladies who practise yoga.
— Kate, Wallington

I started to do yoga when I was 5 months pregnant. Viv is a fantastic teacher and adapted the classes to suit our needs as we got bigger!! I thoroughly enjoyed the class as it was relaxing, fun and helped enormously with my pregnancy. It was also a chance to chat to other mums to be and have a giggle!!
— Nicky, Wallington

I went in to be induced but ended up having a c-section. When I was having contractions I used the breathing techniques from yoga & they were helpful, it gave me something to focus on & took my mind off of the pain... To some extent! Hopefully after my 6 week check I can back to the yoga den for some classes.. I miss the relaxation part more than anything!
— Louise, Surrey

It was an incredibly long labour but I never felt it was that long and I genuinely think it was down to you and yoga that I remained really calm and happy throughout it also really helped my baby because they were constantly monitoring his heartbeat and it remained steady and they said he was happy throughout. So I really want to thank you.
— Helen, Wallington

I just had gas and air and before it got too horrendous i managed to use the alternate nostril breathing and i also used it a lot in the few days before to calm myself which really did help and have been using it since.
— Sophie, Surrey

My Yogic Birthing Experience… When my contractions were strong I managed them by leaning over a bean bag or ball, rocking back & forth and humming out my out breath. My husband also gently pressed his hand down onto my pelvis to support me. I found the low humming noise really help me focus on the breath. I also used the golden thread breath but varied it so I also visualised that I was gently blowing a water lily with many petals to help it open, akin to my cervix opening.

By 4:05pm I began to feel the urge to push and was able to get into the bath. At this point I asked for some gas & air. The bath felt really good but I had to be a bit more conscious of the breathing with the G&A device in my mouth. I continued to use a humming/moaning breath with the gas & air as this helped me concentrate and focus the need to push.

As I leant forward in the bath I felt an amazing urge to push and was told by the midwife to go with it. Crowning did sting like fury, but with guidance from the lovely midwife and little pant breaths I delivered the head, then all of the baby. At 4:23pm Hannah popped out into the bath and I scooped her up.

Delivering Hannah was a lovely and calm experience and was exactly the birth I wanted. Both the midwife and my husband complimented me on how in control I was. I believe the practice with you really helped me prepare and focus on what I needed to do.

Thanks again for your teaching and guidance. It was extremely useful knowing breathing techniques to cope with labour.
— Kirsty Blewer, Wallington