It was an incredibly long labour but I never felt it was that long and I genuinely think it was down to you and yoga that I remained really calm and happy throughout it also really helped my baby because they were constantly monitoring his heartbeat and it remained steady and they said he was happy throughout. So I really want to thank you.
— Helen, Pregnancy Yoga

Practising Yoga with Viv at the Yoga Den is like finding an oasis in a desert, real sustenance to a parched soul, I love it!
— Maria, Yoga

I started to do yoga when I was 5 months pregnant. Viv is a fantastic teacher and adapted the classes to suit our needs as we got bigger!! I thoroughly enjoyed the class as it was relaxing, fun and helped enormously with my pregnancy. It was also a chance to chat to other mums to be and have a giggle!!
— Nicky, Pregnancy Yoga

I went in to be induced but ended up having a c-section. When I was having contractions I used the breathing techniques from yoga & they were helpful, it gave me something to focus on & took my mind off of the pain... To some extent! Hopefully after my 6 week check I can back to the yoga den for some classes.. I miss the relaxation part more than anything!
— Louise, Pregnancy Yoga

The Yoga den has been an amazing aid to help me relax and clarify my thoughts, away from life’s everyday stresses. Everyone should experience this yoga practice, if they’re looking for peace of mind and a greater well being. Thanks Viv!
— Sarah Graham, Yoga

Going to Yoga Den Mum and Baby classes has been such a joy for us.It gives me and baby the opportunity to do something together and have fun too  in a relaxing environment with a lovely teacher . She is amazing and because my baby is the youngest one in the class she adapts the poses which will be suitable for my three months old baby. It also gave me a chance meeting other mum and their babies to have a chat and share our experiences.
— Leila Elliee, Mother & Baby Yoga

I loved the Yoga Den from the minute I stepped inside some 10 months ago, and I’ve been attending as many of Viv’s classes as I can since then. Viv has created a blissful oasis of calm where I know I can come to feel relaxed, and yet be revitalized after the practise. Her lessons are well structured and suitable for all abilities, so everyone can benefit.
— Helen, Yoga

Vivien’s Yoga Den is the perfect sanctuary to find calm relaxation. After living locally for years and always meaning to find out more I finally got around to meeting Vivien and taking a class. I only ask myself why I didn’t go sooner. I felt immediately welcome and at home. Having all equipment provided for you just makes this quiet haven even more ideal for busy people as we all seem to be. I would thoroughly recommend not only the facilities to anyone as it’s a beautiful place, but Vivien herself is a great teacher and generous and open human being who ensures you not only benefit from the physical practise of yoga but the mental and spritual benefits as well. You wont regret giving it a try!
— Emma Pynce, Yoga

I have been practicing yoga for many years and I found the Yoga Den by chance almost a year ago when I was looking for a local, quiet and calm space in which to challenge myself a little and develop my practice. What a find! Vivienne is very friendly but professional and knowledgeable. Her classes consist of just over 90 minutes of Hatha Yoga, including a warm up, standing and seated poses, an inversion pose, Pranayama and relaxation. There is plenty of variety not so much that poses become unfamiliar. Vivienne maintains a non-competitive and nurturing atmosphere and the den itself is a quiet, peaceful, clean and beautifully decorated room at the end of her lovely garden. The den is heated and Viv provides mats, cushions and blankets for the sessions. Personally, my practice has improved considerably since attending the Yoga Den. I am stronger and more flexible physically but also more at peace with myself than I have ever been!
— Anon, Yoga

At about 17 weeks into my pregnancy, I started looking for pregnancy exercise groups, and settled on attending yoga classes at The Yoga Den. What a fantastic decision! I really valued the time spent with other pregnant women, the time spent with my baby, and time spent focussing on my own well-being. The breathing techniques we learnt were a brilliant tool for managing labour, and I was delighted to find I only needed gas and air for the last few hours of a looooong labour, and then nothing for “The Big Push.” I credit this largely to Viv’s excellent teaching.

Five months later, I still find the relaxation invaluable; as I am back at work full time, I use visualisations to unwind at the end of the day, the relaxations are just the ticket to help me let go of the stresses of my job, and the gentle stretches are perfect for easing out tired shoulders.

Along with all the short-term benefits, the pregnancy classes have given me some wonderful memories of the time I spent with my unborn baby, and as he grows I will enjoy thinking back on that special time.
— Liz, Pregnancy Yoga

I enjoy Viv’s yoga classes very much. Yoga makes me feel so much more balanced, physically open and relaxed - especially if i am able to attend atleast two yoga sessions a week. Also, on emotional and spiritual levels, my focus on life becomes clearer and more peaceful. Thank you Viv.
— Jan, Yoga

I started to attend the Yoga Den pregnancy yoga classes at week 26 and am so pleased I found Viv. As a Mum already the classes were the only me and baby to be time and gave me time to focus on my growing baby, as well as my own well being.

The techniques I learnt were very useful throughout the pregnancy - such as stretches to make more room for the baby and relaxing my back and neck. Viv taught us to manage the discomfort of early stage contractions and the breathing techniques taught for once the contractions kicked in were invaluable. Being taught to lengthen breathes out and focus was all that I had in my birthing tool box for the last hour. These were particularly important as was so uncomfortable due to being told I had to sit throughout as connected to a monitor and drip!

Would really recommend the classes which are very relaxed and cater for the inflexible, such as myself, as well as ladies who practise yoga.
— Kate, Pregnancy Yoga

Having started Yoga practice some 20 years ago I have attended various classes with different instructors over that time. I am delighted to have found The Yoga Den tucked away in a tranquil location in Wallington. Parking is free and very convenient. There is a great selection of morning and evening classes which gives me great flexibility too. The Den has been thoughtfully designed to create the perfect atmosphere for practising Yoga and Viv is the jewell in the crown, she is a highly professional and motivating instructor, who has created a warm and friendly atmosphere together with a great hour and half workout. The best experience yet!
— Sue, Yoga

We really enjoy coming along to the yoga sessions. The Yoga Den is in a wonderful location and Viv has gone to a lot of trouble to create the perfect space to practise in. She is a fantastic teacher and very patient for novices like us. If you are thinking of taking up yoga, come along - you will not be disappointed.
— Kiki & Simon, Yoga

Happy Birthday Yoga Den. You have given me a year of knowledge, understanding, peace and inner happiness. May there be many more. Thank you Viv. Om Shanti.
— Sorrel, Yoga

When I moved areas I left behind my truly wonderful Yoga class/teacher and was adamant I would be unsuccessful in finding a local yoga class/teacher that compared. After trying many, many local classes I almost gave up until I stumbled across The Yoga Den ….and thank goodness did! The Yoga Den is a wonderful environment with a true , authentic appreciation of yoga. Viv is a truly wonderful teacher and very welcoming. The studio has a very relaxed feel and offers a wonderful environment to practice. I whole heartedly recommend The Yoga Den.
— Stacy Wells, Yoga

The Yoga Den is the one time and place a week where I can just let everything go - it’s like carrying a suitcase which is just leave at the door!! Viv is the best teacher you could ask for, and a wonderful person. 10/10
— Mimosa Percy, Yoga

I’m new to yoga but I think the balance between physical and relaxation is just right. The meditation takes me to places that are very pretty indeed! It’s making me eat less, sleep better and it’s helping me to deal with the negative people in my life. I can also see an improvement in my posture and physique. My climbing has improved, not just due to flexibility but the ability to control my mind. It’s an all round winner!
— Lindsay, Yoga

I have recently completed Viv’s ten week ‘learn to meditate’ course and I absolutely loved it!
I signed up for it as I sometimes become overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, plus I have also been interested in yoga and meditation for a number of years. I wish I had done it sooner! The course has been life changing for me. I now feel more relaxed, positive and more confident as a person. I feel better than I have done in years!
Viv is a brilliant teacher, a wonderful person and the yogaden is the perfect place to practice in.
I would happily do the course again and would recommend it to anyone who would like to change their life for the better. Thank you!
— Emily, Meditation Course

I have been coming to the Yoga Den regularly for a few months now, and I love the relaxed atmosphere, the den is beautifully decorated and arranged with calming colours. Even the walk down the garden is a little journey to peace! Viv is a great teacher and I love her style, yoga is most definitely an important part of my life now and I look forward to learning more every time I come...
— Dawn Henderson, Yoga

I just had gas and air and before it got too horrendous i managed to use the alternate nostril breathing and i also used it a lot in the few days before to calm myself which really did help and have been using it since.
— Sophie, Pregnancy Yoga