Review: The Yogic Eating Workshop


The yoga diet workshop was a really successful and enjoyable afternoon, I shared my knowledge with some lovely people. We started the day with a meditation on Where you food goes after swallowing which really makes you think about all the work the body has to do behind the scenes.

We then talked about how different foods we eat effect our minds and our emotions, some really interesting questions came up. We talked about Vegetarianism and some of the reasons why serious Yoga practitioners don't eat meat - lacto vegetarianism today is regarded as one of the healthiest diets.

We stopped halfway through for some quinoa salad, nuts, seeds, fresh fruit salad and Sivanada cookies which went down well, you can eat very healthily and it be delicious!

Yoga is a holistic path to follow, I am trained in the Sivananda style, based on the Five Points of Yoga;

  1. Proper exercise - Asana practice
  2. Proper Breathing – Pranayama
  3. Proper Relaxation – Savasana
  4. Proper Diet – Vegetarian
  5. Positive thinking and meditation

Everyone who comes to The Yoga Den participates in proper exercise, this workshop was on proper diet, next year I will be running a workshop on Pranayama (proper breathing), details and dates to be announced.

BlogVivien Row